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Posted on May 19, 2017

The County of Lanark has commenced the 2017 road construction season. There will be projects completed in the Township of Lanark Highlands, specifically on County Road 9-Tatlock Road, and 17 culvert replacements on various County Roads.

For more information please click on the following link:

2017 Roadside Spraying

Roadside spraying is scheduled to take place between May 29th and June 30th, weather permitting. Spraying occurs from the edge of the gravel shoulder to the property limits and uses ClearView herbicide to control the growth of undesirable vegetation. The contractors performing the work are fully licensed. Spraying occurs in areas identified during weed audits.

The following locations will not be sprayed:

• Roadside ditches maintained by property owners
• 10 metre buffer from freshwater habitat
• Sprayers are turned off at mailboxes or whenever a pedestrian is nearby

2017 Spray Program Road List

Landowners who do not want roadside spraying should review the No Spray options below.

Options for No Spraying – Township of Lanark Highlands Roads

Adopt a Road
A program where groups (minimum 3 individuals) can enter into an agreement with the Township of Lanark Highlands to complete various vegetation management activities.
2017 Adopt A Road Program Information
2017 Adopt A Road Agreement
2017 Adopt A Road Program Terms and Conditions
2017 Indemnity Requirements
2017 Insurance Requirements

No Spray Agreement
An agreement between the Township and a landowner (occupant) who takes alternative vegetation control actions to control noxious weeds within the road allowance adjacent to their lands, and therefore, the Township does not spray the zone.
2017 No Spray Agreement - 2017

All requests for no spraying should be submitted to the Township of Lanark Highlands Public Works Department on or before Thursday May 18, 2017. Requests will continue to be received following this date and will be accommodated if possible. Review process, contractor schedule and spray work already completed will need to be taken into consideration.

No spray requests are not guaranteed until the review process is completed and approval granted by the Acting Director of Public Works.

Lanark County 2016 Road Construction Projects

For information regarding the projects in this area please open the following link.


Public works employees work varying hours depending on the season; hours of operation are as follows:

Summer Hours: Mid-April to the end of October: 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday.

Winter Hours: Beginning of November to mid-April: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.


Gravel ResurfacingMay/June/July

Calcium – Class 4 & 5 Gravel Roads
(Class 6 Roads DO NOT receive calcium)June/July

Road Side Grass MowingJuly

Roadside Brushing - Various locations throughout the year

GradingAs required
(varies by traffic volumes/types, quality of road base, moisture content/rainfall and presence of calcium)

Winter Maintenance Activities

Lanark Highlands Township has adopted the Provincial "Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways" Reg. 298/02, as the standard for year-round township road maintenance. Under the Municipal Act, these benchmarks were adopted to standardize levels of service for various classes of roads throughout the Province, and to specify reasonable response times to maintain or correct deficiencies on the roadways depending upon their class. Provincial, county, and municipal roads are classified differently within these standards based on Posted or Statutory Speed Limit and Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT.)

Winter maintenance activities and priorities are based on the roadway classification and the associated level of service, as well as legislated hours of work, manpower and municipal budget.


Class 4 Speed Limit 80 kph     500 – 999 vehicles per day

Class 5 Speed Limit 60 kph     50 – 499 vehicles per day

Class 6 Speed Limit less than 80kph 0 – 49 vehicles per day

Class 6B Routine seasonal maintenance only (no winter maintenance)

Class 6C No routine maintenance or inspection, use at own risk.


New home construction requires an entrance and a civic address application to be completed before a building permit will be issued. You can apply for these permits at the Township Office in the Public Works Department.

Costs associated with these permits are as follows:

Entrance Permit $100
• if culvert is required and owner installs $200.
• if culvert is required and township installs $1,000.

Download the Entrance Permit application here.

CIVIC ADDRESS Sign & Post $ 84.75 (includes HST)

• Replacement, Sign only $39.55

• Replacement, Post only $50.85

Download the Civic Address application form here.


Restricted loads are usually in effect from March 1st to mid-May. Please check the local newspapers, the township web site or call 613-259-2398 to confirm schedule.



Effective immediately the number for reporting a road emergency has changed. Please note the new number:


Please call this number only in case of a road related emergency or potential danger that requires immediate attention. Responding to the pager requires Roads staff to interrupt their normal activity (i.e. snowplowing, grading etc…) to attend the service request. General requests for information will not be provided via this number.

Reporting Streetlight Outages:

Please call the Township Office at 613.259.2398 to report a streetlight that is out/cycling/flickering. We will need the pole number, the closest civic address number, and the road name.