Monday, 26 April 2021

Local COVID-19 Vaccine Status - Update for April 26, 2021

What was done last week?


  • Completed the bulk of second doses in Retirement Homes.
  • Continued to offer first doses and second doses to those newly admitted to Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes.
  • Continued to offer first doses to residents and staff in other congregate living facilities.
  • Operated 4 fixed sites (Smiths Falls, Almonte, Brockville and Kemptville
  • Continued to support In House Hospital Staff Clinics
  • Continued Outreach Team: Provides immunizations in homes for those that are bedbound or have severe mobility issues (must also be in an eligible category)
  • Continued our contingency list program to offer up last minute doses to those in the priority groups
  • Hosted a community pop up clinic in Westport.
  • Partnered with local primary care offices to deliver AstraZeneca for those 40+

Added pregnancy to the highest risk health conditions. Only those who actually need an essential caregiver (i.e., require frequent and sustained help with activities of daily living and personal care) can have their essential caregiver vaccinated.

Number of Immunizations Given:

  • From April 19, 2021–April 25, 2021: 6855 individuals received their first dose of vaccine this week and 112 individuals received their second dose of vaccine.
  • A total of 39,119* individuals have received at least one dose of the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca Vaccine (either through one of our fixed sites, the KHSC Clinic, the Ottawa Hospital Clinic, one of our mobile clinics/teams or through local primary care offices) since our roll out started.

*there was a correction in the database to include doses that previously were not linked to our Health Unit area. This number does not include those that received AstraZeneca in a participating Pharmacy.

What is the plan for this week?

Booking for clients in the following groups at our fixed sites and mobile clinics:

  • Health Care Worker – All Priority Groups
  • Staff and caregivers in retirement homes and other congregate care settings for seniors (e.g., assisted living)
  • Adults receiving chronic home care health services
  • Indigenous Adults (16+)
  • Residents, Staff and Designated Essential Caregivers of  Other High Risk Congregate Living Facilities.
  • Individuals with high-risk chronic conditions – Highest Risk Category* (now includes pregnancy)
  • Individuals with high-risk chronic conditions – Very High Risk Category*

Continue to roll out stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 of the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution and Administration Roll Out Plan. Including vaccine for congregate settings.

Promote Provincial Appointment Booking System for the general public based on 5 year age groups continues

Continue Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Vaccine Call Centre for support in booking non-aged based provincial priority groups and for aged-based individuals who need to support to book at a vaccine clinic. Also to support eligible individuals who have received an invitation link. Call 1-844-369-1234.

Continue to work with primary care who are offering AstraZeneca in their offices to those 40+. Offer a community pop up clinic in Elgin this week and continue to plan for future community pop ups in other communities.

What are we working on for next week

What can I do now?

  • Get informed visit COVID-19 Protection and Vaccine
  • Stay healthy
    • Follow COVID-19 precautions – wear a mask, keep the 2m/6ft distance from others, follow the stay at home order
    • Stay home if sick and contact the Assessment Centres for testing
    • Ensure your other immunizations are up to date
    • Discuss any concerns with your health care provider, here is the link to consent form COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form (gov.on.ca)
  • Be patient. It will take time for COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed to everyone in the community. Each group will be specifically identified and notified in advance to plan for vaccination – information will be posted on our website, social media, local media, and through healthcare and community partners – you won’t be missed!

How can I book an appointment if I am eligible?

Provincial Booking System

  • Individuals who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to age, can also use the provincial booking website www.ontario.ca/bookvaccine, or Provincial Vaccine Booking Line by calling 1-833-943-3900, open Monday to Sunday from 8:00am to 8:00pm. The Ministry also has a Vaccine Information Line (1-888-999-6488)
  • If you need to cancel your appointment through the provincial booking system, please go to OMH – Manage your appointments (covaxonbooking.ca)

Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Vaccine Call Centre

  • Individuals in non-aged based provincial priority groups and aged-based individuals who need to support to book at a vaccine clinic can contact the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Vaccine Call Centre
  • The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Vaccine Call Centre can also support individuals to cancel, confirm, change appointments, and provide receipt of vaccination
  • 1-844-369-1234, open 8:30am to 4:00pm, 7 days a week

*High Risk Retirement Homes are defined as those that are co-located with a long-term care home and/or have a formal memory unit within the facility.

*Information about Prioritization of High Risk Health Conditions can be found here.

For more detailed information and FAQs about the vaccine visit the COVID-19 Protection and Vaccine section of our website.

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