Site Plan Control

The Site Plan review and approval process is a legislative tool under the Planning Act. Site Plan Control is a development review process which evaluates the layout of site features, (buildings, parking areas, landscaping, etc), but not the interior spaces of the proposed structures. It seeks to mitigate the impact of development.

Site plan control by-laws are not zoning by-laws. They are used to establish areas where site plan control will be applied over and above those set out in the zoning by-laws. These areas must be described in the official plan.

Site plan controls are used to ensure that:

  • developments are built and maintained in the way that council approved
  • new developments meet certain standards of quality and appearance
  • there is safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles
  • the appearance and design features of buildings, and their sustainable design, are satisfactory
  • there is adequate landscaping, parking and drainage
  • nearby properties are protected from incompatible development.

As a condition of site plan approval, the Township may require the owner to provide land for road widening.

Site Plan Control Applications

The application form outlines the requirements for submitting an application for Site Plan Control. If you are acting as an agent for the purposes of the application, a letter of authorization is required from the registered owner of the property.

Site Plan Application

Applications are also available at the Municipal Office.

How Much will it Cost?

The application fee is outlined on the application form, payable at the time an application is submitted. Fees may be paid by cash, cheque or debit. If the fee is being paid by cheque, the cheque must be made payable to: “Township of Lanark Highlands”.

What Happens Once the Application is Submitted?

The application is circulated to other Township Departments and various agencies for their comments. All correspondence will be reviewed and the Township Planner will prepare a report for the Committee of the Whole. The Committee will then make a decision. The decision does not become final until it is approved by Council. Council will then adopt a By-Law approving the necessary Site Plan Control Agreement that lists the various conditions for the specific development.

What Happens After the Meeting?

Once Council has passed the necessary By-Law approving the Site Plan Agreement both the Township and the Applicant sign the agreement. The legal agreement is then registered on title and binding on subsequent owners of the property.

Once all of the provisions of the agreement have been met, the Township will issue a Certificate of Compliance confirming that all provisions of the Agreement have been complied with in full.

Appeal Provisions

Only the Applicant can appeal the conditions of the Site Plan Control Approval to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Implementation and Enforcement of Site Plan Control Applications

The Township takes steps to ensure that the Site Plan Control Agreements are implemented and remain in force until the development is completed. Site Plan Control Agreements are registered on title and remain in effect for as long as the development is in place.

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