Lanark County OPP Detachment Board

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) provides policing services to the Township on a contractual basis. If you have specific concerns or comments about the Police Services, please contact any member of the Police Services Board or the Detachment Commander, Kerlous Tawdrous, at (613) 267-2626.


Lanark County OPP Detachment Board

The new Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019 for the Province of Ontario comes into effect on April 1, 2024.

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Make a difference: Become a Member of the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board.

The Township of Lanark Highlands is recruiting one (1) resident to be a Community Appointee to the OPP Detachment Board for a term commencing April 1, 2024 and expiring November 15, 2026. This position is an opportunity for a qualified resident to determine objectives and priorities for the Lanark County OPP Detachment to enhance the quality of life and ensure the safety and security of all persons and property in the community in keeping with the Minister of the Solicitor General’s Strategic Plan, and the OPP Detachment Board strategic plan.

The successful candidate shall be required to complete mandatory provincial training prior to being eligible to serve.

Who is eligible? Each applicant must be a resident of the Township of Lanark Highlands, at least 18 years of age or older and not an employee of the Township of Lanark Highlands.

In considering Community Appointments, preference may be given to persons demonstrating knowledge or experience in one (1) or more of the following areas:
1. Finance
2. Social Services
3. Education
4. Governance
5. Legal
6. Health Care
7. Mental Health

For more information, please view the Terms of Reference for the OPP Detachment Board here.

Attention: Amanda Noël, Clerk/Acting CAO
Mail: Township of Lanark Highlands, 75 George St. Lanark ON K0G 1K0

Personal information submitted will be used for the purposes of determining suitability for the OPP Detachment Board only in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Terms of Reference


What is the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board?

Many members of the Community have asked “What is the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board?” and “What do they do?”

The Lanark County OPP Detachment Board is composed of a Council Representative and a Community Member from each Municipality in Lanark County: Councillor Ron Closs (Council Appointee) and VACANT (Community Representative).


Lanark County OPP Detachment Board's role includes:

  1. consulting with the Commissioner regarding the selection of a detachment commander and otherwise participating in accordance with the regulations in the selection of the detachment commander;
  2. determining objectives and priorities for the detachment, not inconsistent with the strategic plan prepared by the Minister, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate;
  3. advising the detachment commander with respect to policing provided by the detachment;
  4. monitoring the performance of the detachment commander;
  5. reviewing the reports of the detachment commander regarding policing provided by the detachment; and
  6. on or before June 30 in each year, providing an annual report to the municipalities regarding the policing provided by the detachment in their municipalities.


Along with the legislated duties, the Lanark County OPP Detachment Board is considered a bridge between the community and the police. The board takes an active role in hearing community concerns and addressing them with the Detachment Commander or his designate for action.

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