Zoning Compliance Report

Property Information Sheet

Thinking about or are in the process of purchasing property in Lanark Highlands?

A Zoning Compliance Report provides you with:

  • Assessment mapping;
  • Official Plan mapping and
  • Zoning By-law mapping
  • The pertinent zoning information which will give the permitted uses and the various yard setback requirements for those uses.
  • Information on other zoning provisions that may affect the property including Section 4 (Amended by By-Law No. 2007-785 - Accessory Structures, and By-Law No 2007-797).
  • A review of the property file is completed which may reveal items on file that would affect the property (i.e. outstanding local improvements, site plan control agreement, development agreement).

A zoning compliance report must be requested in writing with the following information:

  • assessment roll number
  • legal description (lot and concession)
  • contact information (mailing address, phone number)
  • how you would like to received the report (pick-up, mail etc.)

Zoning compliance reports cost $50.00 per assessment roll number.

Payment must be received with the written request.

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