OMYA’s Tatlock Quarry Photo Credit:

OMYA’s Tatlock Quarry

The famous Tatlock marble quarry is owned by the Swiss mineral company OMYA. It produces calcium carbonate derived from natural marble (or limestone) rock formation. Calcium carbonate is used as filler in things like paint, plastics, paper and toothpaste. The Tatlock quarry is about 900 meters long, 400 meters wide and 110 meters deep.

There’s some interesting geology here. The limestone was formed by the skeletal fragments of marine organisms populating a vast inland sea. Over time ancient geological processes metamorphosed limestone through heat and pressure into marble. Striations and darker bands clearly show how the original limestone layers were gently folded and thrust upward as they transformed into marble over time.

The quarry has a scenic look-out that is open to the public, and can be accessed on from Highway 511 about 12 km north of Lanark then east on County Road 9 (for approximately 2.4 km to site).

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